About Wunderkraut

Wunderkraut is a professional services firm for the web, helping large organisations use technology to create new opportunities and address difficult problems.


Our team of 150 staff across 9 countries serves some of Europe's best-known brands and forward-thinking governments. Our solid processes and business focus are as important as our technical knowledge in making these projects a successWe're great to work with because of our people and experience — and we're a great place to work because of our clients and the way we do things.

Our Values

We're open, collaborative, creative and professional.

Our Background

Our company was formed from the merger of four Drupal agencies across Europe:

  • NodeOne in Sweden and Norway
  • Mearra in Finland and Latvia
  • Krimson in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Wunderkraut in Germany

The merger has brought together some of the best Drupal talent in the largest Drupal company in Europe. 

In mainland Europe we trade under the combined name Wunderkraut. We have since opened a UK office, where we trade under the name WunderRoot.