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  • How to deal with organisational debt


    Technical debt is a common term in software development. Technical debt accrues when you take shortcuts in creating new functionality or when software has changed so much that the architecture would need to be updated. To fix the debt software needs refactoring from time to time. Exactly the same thing happens to organisations, I call this organisational debt.

    Vesa Palmu - 2015|06|08 - 0 comments
  • Introducing WunderFlow


    There are many great git workflows out there, but sometimes you just can't find the one that perfectly fits your needs. For us the need rised in the support & continous development where our projects and workflows weren't that simple and clear. No existing workflow fit our need and after testing and reviewing many we decided to start working on our own.

    Janne Koponen - 2015|06|01 - 0 comments
  • Looking for a HR hacker


    Do you have what it takes to help us grow into being at the cutting edge of agile HR? We are a fast growing agile firm that’s looking to start using our own agile methods into improving our HR. We are already one of the best employers in Europe (independently assessed by the Great Place To Work Institute) and want to be the best in the world in the future. We are looking for an HR hacker that will be able to grow with the firm.

    Vesa Palmu - 2015|05|22 - 0 comments
  • Iterations for Drupal development

    Iterative development process works well for software development in general. Using a process like Scrum can however cause some problems with a high productivity platform like Drupal. With Drupal you already have a working product very early in the process, you tweak the details and in the end have an improved version. With Drupal features are cheap and details are expensive.

    Vesa Palmu - 2015|01|08


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