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  • Responsive retina sprites with compass

    Nowadays there is decent support for webfonts, so we are using less and less sprites, but if we do, we want to have a solution that responds to high resolution screens. There is a fairly easy solution if we use 1 high res inline image per icon and scale it to fit its container. But this way we'll loose all the benefits that a sprite map gives us. So how can we use sprites for different resolutions? The most common use of a sprite is as a background in a container with a fixed size.
    Andreas Sahle - 2014|04|16 - 0 comments
  • My Acquia Certified Developer test

    Today I did the Acquia Certified Developer test online as a few other Wunderkraut developers did this week. Here you can read me rant on the test software, my overview on the test topics and few things that could be added.

    Pontus Nilsson - 2014|04|04 - 0 comments
  • Getting Acquia certified

    So I am an Acquia Certified Developer as of this week. Do I feel any different ? Not really, but i’m glad I did the test a couple of days ago, as it kinda gives you a personal status update on your global Drupal knowledge. Here’s the rundown of my experience.

    Jim Faes - 2014|04|04 - 0 comments
  • Grumpy Swedish developer gets tilted and need to change his name


    So we got an old windows computer setup to do the exam. Could install teh software needed, launched Sentiel to setup up my profile, and I was told to write my name to test my speed on the keyboard. So I entered my name, and “WRONG!”. Got a password error sign. Now I got confused, I was not told enter my password. But ok, so I entered my password. “WRONG”. I tried to write my name again. “WRONG”. Bullocks.

    Mikke Schirén - 2014|04|04 - 0 comments
  • Does Acquia Certification give you personal ROI?

    I’ve been recruiting many Drupal developers. The process is usually a mixture of random in-depth questions, a profile review and pure intuition on the applicant’s fit for our company.That’s why I felt genuinely interested in the recently published Acquia Certification program. Could a single test provide a trustworthy distinction between a seasoned and an unexperienced Drupal developer?
    Tomi Mikola - 2014|04|03 - 0 comments
  • Adding a pseudo field


    Sometimes you need to display a field that have no input, like a static text or image on each node, or a Facebook like button, or whatever that does not have an input, but you still want to display it as a field, for that you have the hook hook_field_extra_fields.

    Mikke Schirén - 2014|04|02 - 4 comments


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