12+ screencasts on theming

Monday, February 13, 2012 - 13:55

The "Four weeks of Drupal" screencast series continues! The chapter on writing Drupal modules was completed a few days ago, and the theming chapter is now being published.

The theming chapter includes:

  1. An overview and summary screencast
  2. About themes – what do themes do? This episode also mentions some tools for point-and-click theming
  3. Adding your own CSS: This is how easy it is to create a sub theme
  4. A bonus screencast, showing a better way to make small CSS overrides
  5. Page layout: Working with regions
  6. Changing markup: Overriding template files, and making targeted specific overrides
  7. Adding template file variables: Working with preprocess functions
  8. More preprocessing: Adding conditioned CSS, and some other things
  9. Theme functions: When there are no template files to tweak
  10. Switching between theme functions and template files
  11. Theming Views: An example of a special case
  12. Render elements and arrays: New good stuff in Drupal 7
  13. Theming forms
  14. Using the #states property in render elements to hide and show form elements dynamically

As you can see, the screencasts don't cover all topics of theming, but I think they cover all the necessary basics and a bit more. Please note that I'm not an expert themer – the material in the last three screencasts could probably be presented in a smarter way. If you know how – please do!

The five first screencasts are already posted, and three new screencasts will be published each week until the chapter is finished. (Then it's time for the next chapter!) Curious? Check out the first episode, or get an overview of all the episodes in the series overview.

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Not to be picky, but I clicked on some of the Popular Tags because they looked initeresting, and got nothing.

Not to be picky, but I clicked on some of the Popular Tags because they looked iteresting, and got nothing.