A better content creation page for Drupal 8

Thursday, January 10, 2013 - 09:58

Drupal 8 will provide a greatly improved workflow for content editors.
A great example is inline editing which is available now in Drupal 8.

The content creation page is another critical part in Drupal's workflow. Your clients face this particular screen many times a week or even each day. Creating and editing content are primary tasks for content editors and should work as quick and easy as possible.

After thorough research, a proposal for a new design was made by the community. A lot of effort has been put into getting the first prototype up and running and additional issues have been created to drive the implementation further.

Today Acquia and Wunderkraut are funding my time to help finish the work and get it ready to be committed to Drupal 8. I won't be working on this full-time, which leaves enough room for the community to review, test and post feedback where necessary.

A big thanks to both companies for giving me the opportunity to do this!

You can - and should - help too. Follow the meta issue for the latest updates and links. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to swentel, Bojhan or yoroy in IRC on #drupal-contribute.


This is a good move, looking for something like this and it's look like we are going towards a page design close to wordpress, wordpress has a good and simple interface for adding/editing content, and why not adapting some of there content adding page, good job and please keep the good work, we need something like this in Drupal 8.

Looks absolutely great! Totally looking forward to Drupal 8, keep working on it, I'll be sure to follow the meta issue to see where I can chip in.

Forgive me for saying but it looks a lot like Wordpress..

There's nothing wrong with that, Anonymous. WordPress runs over 20 times as many sites as Drupal. Copy others' success!

Great news for authors and content editors!!! thank you for your effort.

hold on. what about in-place editor? is that still on d8 scope?

That's already in Drupal 8 core, currently only limited to Field API fields, but work is underway to add support for any property.