We believe in opening up the way we do business as much as we believe in open sourcing software, and these blogs share our ideas, tools and experiences...

  • Why teaching agile is a core part of our business


    We deliver agile training on weekly basis in Wunderkraut. Our training got started many years ago because most of our new customers didn't have previous agile experience, the ones that did had mostly bad experiences from "agile", or what I now days call fake agile. Today delivering agile training and coaching both with and without implementation projects for the same customer is a core part of our business.

    Vesa Palmu - 2014|03|26 - 2 comments
  • One Million Drupal Sites - Our Contribution

    Today the Drupal community is celebrating the landmark of having over one million websites powered by the CMS. Here are some recent examples of the hundreds of sites that we have contributed towards this one million...

    Steve Parks - 2014|03|04 - 0 comments
  • Agile Retrospective: I Like, I Wish, I Wonder...

    Scrum has established the Sprint Retrospectives as a place, where the team can share valuable, constructive feedback and ways to improve their processes. But Scrum leaves it up to you, how to conduct a Retrospective. The simple method "I like, I wish, I wonder" can be an additional tool that will your team to conduct a effective, agile Retrospective.

    Florian Huber - 2013|12|18 - 0 comments
  • Wunderkraut opens new office in Berlin

    Wunderkraut Germany is happy to announce the opening of its new Berlin office. With this new office we strengthen our position in the important government and media markets and expand our geographical reach to northern Germany.

  • Procurement guide for large web projects

    We want to change the way large web projects are done. Every year we see many projects with excellent procurement practices. At the same time, the majority of procurements we see could use at least some improvement. Bad procurement is not only bad for vendors, it's also really bad for the customers. Fixing the procurement process is the first part in succeeding in a large web project.

    Vesa Palmu - 2013|11|06 - 2 comments
  • Why is a scrummaster a bit like a divemaster


    Scuba diving and large software projects don't have much in common, I just happen to have plenty of professional experience in both. I've been diving for almost twenty years, been a PADI instructor for more than ten years, using agile methodologies for almost as long and have been teaching agile for almost five years. This got me thinking that scrummasters are actually quite a bit like divemasters.

    Vesa Palmu - 2013|10|06
  • Secrets of successful web project procurement


    We've taken part in some really great procurement processes in Wunderkraut. We've also seen a lot of truly horrible ones. On a personal level I used to help customers in IT project procurement and management before founding Wunderkraut. It seems we could have a lot to share with the entire industry, so we've decided to write a booklet on how to do successful procurement of web projects.

    Vesa Palmu - 2013|09|28 - 1 comments
  • 12 Best Practises from Wunderkraut

    We experimented with the ignite format in one of our sessions at DrupalCon Prague. With 12 presenters and 160 slides in one hour Wunderkrauts talk about number of interesting, fun and personal topics.

    Mario Vercellotti - 2013|09|28
  • Wunderkraut acquisition grows Europe's largest Drupal agency

    We are proud to announce the latest Wunderkraut country, Estonia. The leading professional services provider for Drupal in Estonia, Mekaia, is joining forces with Wunderkraut. We already have a long history of working together in customer projects and based on our positive experiences it would be great for both parties to come together.

    Vesa Palmu - 2013|09|23 - 0 comments