Configuration Management Initiative

Monday, March 28, 2011 - 12:27

A little over three years ago I wrote my first blog post about the problem of configuration management and content staging in Drupal. I was working at The Seattle Times and we had just launched our first site on Drupal 5.

In the years since then I have spent a lot of time on this problem, speaking at cons, talking to people, and creating the Deploy module to manage content staging and dependency management between Drupal sites. I have thought for a while that this problem will be difficult to solve without some major changes to core, and thus I am pleased and honored to have been selected to be the initiative owner for configuration management in Drupal 8. I will be working in this role with David Strauss, who will act as architecture ‘gate keeper’. David has been very active in this space for a while and has some innovative ideas for Drupal 8.

When Dries and I started discussing this, I had some concerns about the amount of time I would have to commit to the project. It is a big complicated set of problems to solve, and I’m halfway around the world from most of the people who will work on them. I was worried about getting overcomitted. Thankfully NodeOne shared my concerns, and they have offered me half my work time to focus on Drupal 8 exclusively. This is an amazing contribution to the community, and I thank them deeply for helping to make this initiative possible.

So what now? The details are still being sorted out, but it appears that the Build Systems and Change Management group on gdo is going to be the central place for discussion as we get started. I have already made a summary post from DrupalCon there which has drawn a lot of interesting discussion

As things get rolling we should be laying out a game plan which tracks the specific goals we are reaching towards, as well as their status and the issues tied to them. We hope this will help new contributors interested in getting involved in this initiative. I guarantee there will be more news coming as we have it.

I am so psyched about this, and I can’t wait to get the chance to rally the troops and put together some solutions for these problems that plague every Drupal site there is, from the smallest to the largest. See you in the issue queues!