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  • Content strategy fun at Confab London


    Here at Wunderkraut all employees have a yearly allowance to spend on conferences and training. This year, since I'm interested in content, I chose to spend part of mine on a ticket to Confab — a content strategy conference which on March 25–27 was held in Europe for the first time.

    Johanna Lindh - 2013|04|09
  • Responsive Flash.

    Web content that adjusts to the browser window's width to best present itself is not really a new concept. An un-styled bare-bones html page is responsive by default. The text will wrap, and images (if set to percentage) will scale automatically. Unfortunately certain other objects, whose dimensions are set arbitrarily (Flash), will not scale as easily or predictably. One approach is to use jQuery to resize flash elements to fit their containers while keeping the correct aspect ratio of the embed object.

    Greg Fedorov - 2013|04|04
  • Frontend United Conference


    In April hundreds of UX, content strategy, design and frontend development professionals will gather in London for the European Frontend United conference.

    Steve Parks - 2013|03|25
  • Icon fonts and Drupal

    Undoubtedly, unless you have been sleeping under a rock somewhere (hey Patrick!), you must've heard about icon fonts by now. In this post, I will attempt to de-mystify their use and creation.First off, an icon font is just like any other font you've ever used, with one notable exception: instead of carefully crafted letterforms mapped to the keys on your keyboard, each unicode character contains a flat, black-and-white graphic — an icon.
    Greg Fedorov - 2012|09|05
  • Becoming friends with the Drupal Color module — Part 2

    This is a sequel for the post Becoming friends with the Drupal Color module — Part 1. Here we'll check out the advanced (and the coolest) parts of the Color module. If you are not already familiar with Color module, I suggest you take a look at Part 1 since I'm not going to cover the basics in this posts.Mild suggestion: Have a long and nice good night's sleep and lots of caffeine before jumping into this.
    Sampo Turve - 2012|01|15