Entity List Display

Friday, March 9, 2012 - 12:57

If you have an itch to scratch, it sometimes become a module. For a client we had to make a site with the node fields stored i Mongodb. With that scenario, we had an itch.

We usually use Views to show list of fields, and we were not going to do that this time. So we have to develop something else, and that is Entity List Display. The module is a ctools-plugin, and is based on Entity Field Queries, EFQ, a class, added in Drupal 7, that allows retrieval of a set of entities based on specified condition.

The good thing when you use EFQ is that you are not dependent on the backend. Your node fields could be stored in MySQL, MongoDB or some other backend. The idea was to build a module that uses EFQ and parts of other good stuff there are out there, like ctools (and the fabulous Page Manager) and Display Suite.

So what does Entity List Display do? Displays list of content with some small settings, for now it is how many, ascending, or descending date order, and it takes context from user and taxonomy. The content is displayed with a view mode - and here you could get really interesting stuff if you combine it with Display Suite.

Entity List Display is still in dev, but hopefully it would be a real release in a month or so. And hopefully the community will find use for it - as usually here on NodeOne, we share the stuff that we develop with the rest of you. We get so much from the community, so it is natural to give back to it.

Photo by Center for Jewish History, NYC.


This sounds rather interesting. Definitely going to check it out. As always, thanks for giving back! :)