Introducing: NodeOne's Drupal Learning Library

Monday, July 4, 2011 - 15:03

I am equally proud and excited to announce the latest addition to NodeOne's online activities: the NodeOne Drupal Learning Library!

The library is a collection of screencasts and educational blog posts, grouped into learning series. There is currently ten learning series available, such as:

  • Learn Drupal 7 with NodeOne, with 15 screencasts introducing Drupal core for site editors, site builders and new Drupal developers.
  • Taming the Beast: Learn Views, with 27 screencasts going from Views basics to managing contextual filters, relationships and creating default menu tabs.
  • Learn Page manager, with 13 high-speed, no-nonsense screencasts presenting Page manager and Panels concepts for experienced Drupal site builders and developers.
  • Learn Rules (Drupal 6), with 13 screencasts going from basic triggered rules to calling Views Bulk Operations from Rules to automate the crap out of your site.

Each episode is tagged with both modules and topics covered by the item, making it easier to search across different learning series to find more content about, such as, contextual information or relations.

In total, the library currently contains 115 screencasts and educational blog posts – with more than 30 new posts waiting to be published. New learning series will be announced to Drupal Planet, but each individual item in them won't. If you are interested in getting recent updates, please subscribe to the learning library RSS feed.

All content is published under Creative Commons license.

Welcome! //Johan Falk

PS: The library is still under construction, so please excuse less-than-perfect aspects of the presentation. Feel free to suggest improvements!

PPS: I'm lousy at sales and marketing, but if you feel like it you are very welcome to sign up for the pre-conference training we're giving at DrupalCon London. It will be jam-packed with Drupal goodies.