NodeOne talks Drupal: Views 3 + YQL

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 21:25

Views 3 comes with a pluggable backend, which is pretty cool. One of the things you can do with it is to use Yahoo Query Language with the help of YQL Views Query Backend. This screencasts gives you an introduction of how it works!

Note: The screencast is also downloadable at

So, Views is a monster when it comes to fetching, manipulating and displaying your Drupal data. Really.

Now, the ability in Views 3 to handle data outside your regular database opens the posibillity to use all these cool stuff on whatever data you can get your hands on. One ginormous pile of data comes from the Yahoo! Datatables project, that provides data not only from Yahoo! itself but also from a wide variety of external sorces – Mediawiki, Facebook, Twitter, Google, IMDB and what-not.

The YQL Views Query Backend module is still in early development, but it shows proof of really (really) cool stuff. Get this thing working with arguments, combine with Panels, and you have the power to configure stuff that many websites have spent big money on coding.

Trying out Views 3 + YQL is a kick. It is not only ass-kicking, but truly disruptive. Have a look at the screencast. Try out the modules yourself. Have a look at the issue queue and see if you can help with getting this monster on its feet.

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