Publish button - small module to easier workflow

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 13:06

Yesterday I did some work to match a clients need - they did not want to use the standard checkbox to mark the node as published, they wanted a button instead, a publish button.

There are discussion to make publish buttons, and other into core - which is adding functionality, but I just wanted to use what already are in core, hook it and output simple publish or unpublish buttons on selected content types. So I made a small module of it, Publish button. I added a lot of comments to code so it should be pretty easy to understand what is going on if you are not so into drupal api and stuff. But the module itself is just download and install.

There are some work needed still - like tests, uninstall task and adding some permissions. But anyhow, it is alive. By the way - I did not choose to take away the publish checkbox with the module, that I did with custom code instead.