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  • A Medium like editor for Drupal


    The editor used to edit posts at is a real slick, and I find it interesting and intuitive. Davi Ferreira have made an open source clone of it, so it could easily be used in other places.

    Mikke Schirén - 2014|12|20 - 5 comments
  • AtScript


    AtScript, enhancing JavaScript with new features to make it more robust.

    David Corbacho - 2014|10|24 - 0 comments
  • Ready for ngEurope?


    Some notes about the status of AngularJS and what to expect from ngEurope, the first AngularJS conference in Europe.

    David Corbacho - 2014|10|20 - 0 comments
  • Configuration Entities in Drupal 8

    With the overhaul of many API's in Drupal 8, one of the new kids on the block is the configuration system with its integration with the entity API. This means that we can now define configuration entities (that work much like the regular content entities) for the purpose of managing more complex configuration. For example, a View is a configuration entity and so is a field or an image style.

    Daniel Sipos - 2014|07|14
  • Bernt & co’s Drupal Gotchas Second Edition

    Half a year ago I wrote a blog post about various stumble blocks I had run into in my first year as a Drupal developer. I called them gotchas because they were not necessarily bugs - they might just be Drupal’s way of doing things which may confuse people new to or experienced with Drupal. Sometimes they are annoyances - they could be called paper cuts too. The post got some attention - which was great because people started sending me tips about things they ran into. Now there is time for a new round!

    Bernt Andreas Drange - 2014|07|03
  • Just get the files you need when you develop


    When you work locally on development or test on stage/dev whatever you sometimes needs the files from production. Our old way in solving that is downloading the whole file catalogue and have it local. Sometimes the file catalogues where several gigabytes large so that is not a good workflow at all.

    Mikke Schirén - 2014|04|23