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  • Dropcat, a new deploy tool for Drupal

    In a series of blog posts I am going to present our new tool for doing drupal deploys. It is developed internally in the ops-team in Wunderkraut Sweden , and we did that because of when we started doing Drupal 8 deploys we tried to rethink how we mostly have done Drupal deploys before, because we had some issues what we already had.

    Mikke Schirén - 2016|04|20 - 2 comments
  • The Wunderkraut Gotcha collection volume 3

    The developers of Wunderkraut have worked hard on digging up fun and exciting surprises about Drupal since the last edition was published. Now that Drupal 8 is just around the corner, I expect that this will be the last edition of gotchas about Drupal 7 - brace yourself for new ones in Drupal 8!

    Bernt Andreas Drange - 2015|10|21 - 0 comments

    We are HUGE fans of simplicity, automation and open source. Here's one of our solutions for keeping track of Drupal module versions, custom/contrib code, deploying and taking backups. And more!

    Teemu Merikoski - 2015|07|30
  • Introducing WunderFlow


    There are many great git workflows out there, but sometimes you just can't find the one that perfectly fits your needs. For us the need rised in the support & continous development where our projects and workflows weren't that simple and clear. No existing workflow fit our need and after testing and reviewing many we decided to start working on our own.

    Janne Koponen - 2015|06|01 - 0 comments
  • A Medium like editor for Drupal


    The editor used to edit posts at is a real slick, and I find it interesting and intuitive. Davi Ferreira have made an open source clone of it, so it could easily be used in other places.

    Mikke Schirén - 2014|12|20 - 5 comments