Trimmed RSS for Planet Drupal

Saturday, February 4, 2012 - 13:42

People like their Planet Drupal in different style. According to a rather non-scientific survey, two thirds prefer to get the Planet feed with full posts and two thirds reads the feed in some kind of reader.

I belong to the third that prefer the stream of posts to be trimmed to a maximum length -- it makes easier for me to scan for new posts when their lengths doesn't vary between one paragraph and five screen lengths. There has been some discussion about introducing customizable teaser length on Planet Drupal, but has proved difficult to actually get it going. While waiting for this, I whipped up a Yahoo! pipe that takes the RSS feed and trims the posts to a length that you can set yourself. If you're interested, feel free to use in the reader of your choice. Add "&length=500" to trim the post length to the number of characters you like -- default is 1000. (The trimming is "dumb", so no respect is taken to tags. Sorry.)

I hope this can be useful for someone more than me.

(Note: I know the webmasters on is working hard and doing a great job. This forked feed is in no way an attempt to say that the webmasters aren't doing a good job, nor a way to try to draw people away from It is just a way to share something that I find useful with others.)

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