portal moves to Drupal and gains a lot

By moving to Drupal, the German foreign office's public information portal gains a lot: It consolidates platforms, improves editorial efficiency, gets ease of use and offers rich information in flexible ways to a worldwide audience in seven languages. Our office in Munich built and implemented the site's Drupal architecture, and provided consulting and training for Agile and Drupal to BlueMars, the web project's local lead agency.


The cross-media Germany portal,, gives a global audience an impression on topic of politics, culture and life in Germany.

It's a service provided by Societäts-Medien GmbH, Frankfurt-am-Main, in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. We're excited to be a part of this prestigious project.

The Frankfurt based media agency BlueMars, which was responsible for the overall implementation of, turned to Wunderkraut for Drupal expertise.
Wunderkraut built the site's Drupal architecture and implementation. We also provided the BlueMars team with training and consulting for Drupal and Agile methods, so they could quickly get up to speed for design implementation and import interface.

Business objectives

The business objective of the relaunch was to
  • attract a global audience with a modern and more flexible magazine platform
  • integrate effortlessly with the existing cross-media publishing workflow
  • realize efficiency gains via consolidation

The new Drupal website replaces three older sites running on Typo3, an old first generation hierarchical CMS.

The new content concept called for a more flexible structure: editors should be able to categorize articles in different systems (topics, world regions, tags) and the site should deliver topical streams of content for different interests and in different languages.

Technology: Drupal takes over the lead

Drupal was the perfect match for this flexible content architecture. With its finely granular, field-based translation, multiple categorization schemes in parallel and rich semantic content type creation, Drupal delivers right out of the box a lot of the framework which is needed for
Technically, the new concept calls for:
  • 'Streams and filters' content structure with multiple Drupal taxonomy systems
  • Iterative import from the customer's existing cross-media publishing solution - Drupal's open APIs, clean concepts and flexibility made it easy to adapt to the existing IT and workflows.
  • Multilingual content in seven languages (including Russian, Chinese and Arabic)  with field-based Entity Translations
  • Clean and highly responsive design implementation


The different project partners managed to deliver a great integration of their teams and professionals. Using Scrum as Agile project management method created smooth collaborationg between distributed teams.

Efficiency gains have been evident from the start. The integration into the existing cross-media workflow works effortlessly across companies and networks.

The consolidated site's straightforward, unified Drupal interface is simple and fast to use. The new content structure offers editors and audience great flexibility, and Drupal makes life so much easier for the editors at Societäts-Medien publishing house in Frankfurt, compared to former solutions.

We at Wunderkraut are happy to have provided Drupal and Agile expertise to this project to contribute to our partner's and customers' success.
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