Sweden’s largest union in the private labor market chose Drupal

Unionen, Sweden’s largest union in the private labor market, chose Wunderkraut to develop a new website. The website serves over 500,000 members, 50+ editors, and has 2.3 million page loads per month.

Unionen is a Swedish white-collar trade union, formed by HTF and Sif in 2008.

Unionen is the second biggest trade union in Sweden and the biggest white-collar union in the world. The site was launched mid-September 2012.

The project includes

  • Technical analysis and design

  • Graphic design and interaction design

  • Frontend development

  • Backend development

  • Education

  • Maintenance, support and hosting

Business results

The new unionen.se is the result of an almost year-long effect mapping work.

The new unionen.se is a Drupal website that serves over 400,000 unique monthly users, as well as acting as one of Unionens main recruitment tool for new members.

It interacts with a number of systems and databases, for example Active directory servers, the MedWind membership system and CRM-systems.

It also handles sensitive personal and demographic information including union membership, employment status and salary.

Some of the main effect goals of the new site are:

  • Increased service level to members

  • Increased number of membership applications

  • Increased internal efficiency