Support & Maintenance

Once your project is live, you need to know that it will stay secure, stay up, and stay up to date. We provide a full service to give you that peace of mind.

Your website is a vital part of your brand reputation, and in many cases it's business-critical. A live website should be a living project, with ongoing support and maintenance work to ensure it is secure, up to date and functional.

Our aim is to work with clients long term. We can support you and give you peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of your project - and our support and maintenance services are a part of that.


  • Monitoring of your site and hosting infrastructure
  • Pro-active response to system alerts
  • Responding to requests from your team
  • Experts to fix emergency problems


  • Pro-active security and performance management and updating
  • Updating of Drupal core and contributed codebase
  • Continuing development that falls outside normal project work - so you can get small feature requests added quickly

We offer a range of Support & Maintenance agreements, so we can provide one that fits your needs, giving you peace of mind from a trusted partner.

If your project is being developed by us, simply ask your key contact for details of the support options.

If you already have a live site with another provider, and you'd like us to provide the support and maintenance for it, then please contact your local office to arrange an initial site audit.